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First Office Visit - On your first scheduled visit Dr. Uzick takes a detailed

    history and physical exam.  This visit is 1.25 hours.  The cost is $185

Return Office Visit - All subsequent visits.

  •     Focused - 15 minutes. Cost $50

  •     Detailed - 30 minutes.  Cost $75

  •     Expanded - 45 to 60 minutes. Cost $110, $140

Intravenous Therapy - Cost is based on size and contents of  the infusion. 


Nutrient Injections - $20-$28

Trigger point therapy - $80

Auricular Therapy - $80


Insurance coverage

Most insurance companies cover all laboratory and other diagnostic procedures.  Better providers cover office visits and procedures. Please check with your insurance provider.  Dr. Uzick is a licensed Primary care physician in the state of Arizona.  Insurance providers must cover visits unless specifically stated in your insurance contracts. 


Unfortunately Medicare does not cover Naturopathic care. However, for those with medicare or without insurance we have special affordable lab fees.

Coming soon will be a list of insurance providers that reimburses for Naturopathic care.  If you are aware of any please send me and e-mail and I'll add them to the list.




















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